Monthly Archives: March 2013

in pictures . lovely love

coffee filters, cupcake liners and some lovely love — it’s been a happy easter 🙂View full post »

be crafty . easter egg balloons

some balloons, some sharpies and a bit of quality time with my girl 🙂View full post »

in pictures . one

four months ago, my baby boy turned one and i took some pictures. now it’s almost april, and it feels a littleView full post »

in pictures . a not so graceful entrance

? why bother with the door when you can climb in through the window?!View full post »

in pictures . star wand

who would have thought a piece of cardboard and a paper drinking straw would be the most exciting toy to hit our homeView full post »

in pictures . baby brother hugs

he hasn’t been a big hugger until quite recently. she’s been waiting 🙂View full post »

on repeat . toast this life

grayson matthews featuring andrew austin this may just be the catchiest song on tv right now 🙂View full post »