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in pictures . cold and flu season

(please let it pass before christmas.)View full post »

smitten with . gifts for baby

so, this post is coming up on being seven months late or so, but with christmas right around the corner, i figuredView full post »

in writing . #zoomoutmovement

so, i’m blatantly cross posting this from my instagram account, but based on the response there, i wanted toView full post »

in pictures . at the close of a very unsuccessful christmas tree hunt

what our search lacked in trees, it made up for in hot dogs and s’mores. and cute babies on toboggans.View full post »

in pictures . there’s a whole lot more where these came from

cole’s party was kinda fun. also, i think my grammar might be wrong up there in the title, but we’reView full post »

on repeat . blame it on me

george ezra oscar and i have been dancing to this one all morning.View full post »

in pictures . happy days

except for that thirty seconds after i took the laptop cord away…View full post »