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lots of changes happening in the hanki house these days and while this certainly isn’t going to become an interior design blog, based on the interest on instagram, i figured i may as well share here too!

fresh paint and the small table used as seating really open up our main entry and make it far more functional that the previous console table which typically just acting as a dumping ground for stuff when we walked through the door. next on the list — a small utility closet and our laundry room are becoming a much needed mudroom!


because the week of valentine’s day seemed like the perfect time to post our christmas decor ๐Ÿ˜‰

we kept it super simple this year with two crafts created for recent made social workshops and a sweet little ikea deer. with the craziness that was our last quarter of 2015, sweet and simple was the only way to go.

even thought it was ages ago now, i hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that you’re gearing up for a fun valentine’s day as well. i’ll hopefully have a great new printable uploaded before all of the school parties are underway!

he hasn’t lived in here for over a year now, but i took these photos and promised to post them a couple of years back (and there are a handful of you who keep asking to see the space) so here it is — cole’s first bedroom, which was later briefly occupied by his baby bro before we set up the shared room they sleep in now!

at the rate i share things, perhaps you’ll see their new one once they’ve both graduated and moved out ๐Ÿ˜‰

i realized once i started going through the photos that i didn’t actually take many shots that show the room layout, but hopefully this gives a bit of an idea of how things were set up. most of the goodies in here were purchased 3-4 years ago but i’m happy to share sources if there are any questions!!

paint colours are nude and atmosphere from behr.
never stop exploring print was a collab with justine ma.
custom illustration by kate klassen.

thanks for your patience — next up in the queue of fun things to share are christmas, a few birthday parties, and a couple of new shops that i am loving this year!

confession time: approximately 36 weeks ago, oscar moved out of the nursery and my desk moved in. i had big plans for an awesome workspace, but instead the room became a dumping ground for everything in the house without a home. two weeks ago when winter break began, it looked like something off of an episode of hoarders — no carpet to be seen, piles of “stuff” everywhere. i’ve been slowly tackling the organization during nap times and after bedtime and am already so much happier to sit down at my desk. i have such a good feeling about this year.

alternate title: the easter that i realized i had yet to post about christmas.

i could have just left it alone, but easter was so uncrafty this year, being on the road the whole week prior, that i was feeling the need to share something holiday-y. so here we are, a little bit of christmas in the springtime!

(none of these things will be available at the moment, given the season, but i thought i’d list the sources anyway. painted canvases: made by lila and i, trees: anthropologie, merry christmas garland: the land of nod, deer mount: la maison simons, glass ornaments: justine ma designs)


it’s time for giveaway number three of a very hanki launch party, in celebration of my new look and the transition from pink sugar to andrea hanki! (and if you haven’t already, you can enter the first (a lifestyle session with me) here, and the second (my favourite things) here!)

today’s giveaway is a curated collection of some of my favourite things for my home (and yours!) from some awesome canadian small businesses and designers. i’ve included a few things i have stashed away for my new office, and some pieces that live in the kids’ rooms; however, pretty much everything included could work in any number of different spaces in your home!


the following goodies are included:

to enter, follow the steps in the rafflecopter giveaway below. (i hope you win.)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

huge thanks to all of the sponsors for supporting me in this new chapter and donating such amazing prizes!

having children has quickly made halloween one of my favourite times of year. any excuse for a celebration is a good one for me. one that includes crafting and sugar, even better.

if this post isn’t huge enough for you (ha!), you can see iphone photos on instagram (#monstersandspidersandghostsohmy). (thank goodness for the one photo of oscar with his “fire” in on ig because he boycotted it the rest of the week.)

costume prep was a little less stressful this year as most of the kids’ costumes (cupid, scuba diver, dragon and hot air balloon) were ones i had designed for my costume feature in better homes and gardens, the jet pack was a hand me down from a couple of years ago, and the spaceman was lila’s old ballerina robot costume with some modifications! (it was so fun to reimagine that one for cole this year.)

lila already has a few costume ideas up her sleeve for next year — i can’t wait!

spooky print is a digital download from hello tosha designs.
tutorials for the bhg costumes are available until november 3 here.

i’ve been waiting all winter for mild enough temps to finally spray paint lila’s old chandelier. this past weekend i did just that, and i’m so happy to have crossed one more item off the to do list for her room before the new babe arrives. this was a super simple (albeit a bit tedious, partly due to my reassembling the crystals the wrong way. . . more than once) change and it really ties everything together in her new room (which isn’t actually so new at all, considering the wallpaper and bed went up a year ago now). shouldn’t be long now before i share the finished space!

double duty decorations to help us celebrate both of our family’s special occasions on the 14th ๐Ÿ™‚

the kids and i watercoloured our little hearts out this year, which made this mantel extra special — it’s so fun to involve them in the process as they get older and more interested!

hope everyone had a love-filled weekend (as every weekend should be)!

we didn’t bring many of our own christmas gifts on our holiday road trip — a combination of knowing that lila and cole would have plenty of goodies to open between two sets of grandparents and their various aunts/uncles/cousins, and the fact that we decided at the very last minute to head out and there was no way any of them were getting wrapped before we left — so we had our third (and final!) little christmas celebration this morning with the wee ones! it’s been such fun spreading the joy of the holidays out over the last week and a bit, and getting to share it with so many of our friends and family ๐Ÿ™‚

now it’s time to pack everything up until next year, when we’ll have three little hankis to spend the holidays with!

yes, you read that right!

never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine that my little holiday crafts would end up in the pages of a magazine, so it has been pretty surreal (and awesome) to find the halloween issue of better homes and gardens on shelves this week and open it up to find our house and sweet kiddos ๐Ÿ™‚

thank you to all of you for the support and encouragement over the years (first over on my business blog, then on lila was here, and now here in pinksugarland), thanks to anyone who has ever pinned one of my photos (without you, the people at bhg would never have stumbled across my work), and a huge thank you to better homes and gardens magazine for featuring our little family in your amazing publication.

i’m not feeling the pressure this halloween season at all… ๐Ÿ˜‰

anyone who’s been following this little blog for a while probably knows we’re pretty big fans of adventuring around here, so when i came across this screen printed map on etsy a while back, i knew our home had to have one.

now, thanks to colleen from walsh-walsh & son, one of you can have the map of your choice (and there are lots of choices!) for your home as well.

as always, there are a few ways to enter, and you’ll have to leave a separate comment for each entry (three comments if you enter all three ways).
1. leave a comment below with somewhere you love to head when you’re in the mood for adventure, or somewhere you’ve yet to travel to, but would like to see
2. pin the map listing on pinterest
3. add the map to your etsy favorites

contest closes friday, august 30

good luck, happy adventuring, and thanks again to walsh-walsh & son for this giveaway!

. . . . .

congratulations hannah!