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a sand castle, a beach ball and a flamingo pool floatie walk into a bar…
starting its life as a shipping container, this particular cardboard box has been reimagined as a robot ballerina, a space man, and finally, a sandcastle. the beach ball began as a newspaper, and later became a planet before transforming into a colourful ball (the scarlet stripe front and center for our red loving boy). materials for the floatie include a slice of a cardboard construction tube, scrunched up kraft paper, the stuffing from two old pillows, two pairs of old tights, scrap fabric, three cans of pink spray paint and a whole lot of mod podge — essentially whatever we had on hand! it was a good halloween.

heading into the new year feeling optimistic and thankful for fresh starts. despite being filled with many amazing milestones and memories, i found myself feeling drained far more than i would like last year and am ready to leave 2017 behind and start anew. this year i am determined to seek out and create positive change in all facets of my life, from my family and friendships, to my art and work and health, to my community and the world.
happy new year all — let’s make it a good one ✨

it’s hard to not let your heart explode when the girl requests a craft birthday party and you throw craft parties for a living. lila and i had such a blast planning the decor and crafts (and snacks, and colours, and flowers) for her made social party last month. complete with all things blush and gold, lights strung across the living room, blooms from our favourite florist fabloomosity, it was the perfect evening with all of her best pals. they made yarn wall hangings and each got a custom name kit to stitch, played party games, and ate a zillion sweets. pretty much a nine year girl’s [and maybe her mama’s too] dream come true.