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because the week of valentine’s day seemed like the perfect time to post our christmas decor ๐Ÿ˜‰

we kept it super simple this year with two crafts created for recent made social workshops and a sweet little ikea deer. with the craziness that was our last quarter of 2015, sweet and simple was the only way to go.

even thought it was ages ago now, i hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that you’re gearing up for a fun valentine’s day as well. i’ll hopefully have a great new printable uploaded before all of the school parties are underway!

he hasn’t lived in here for over a year now, but i took these photos and promised to post them a couple of years back (and there are a handful of you who keep asking to see the space) so here it is — cole’s first bedroom, which was later briefly occupied by his baby bro before we set up the shared room they sleep in now!

at the rate i share things, perhaps you’ll see their new one once they’ve both graduated and moved out ๐Ÿ˜‰

i realized once i started going through the photos that i didn’t actually take many shots that show the room layout, but hopefully this gives a bit of an idea of how things were set up. most of the goodies in here were purchased 3-4 years ago but i’m happy to share sources if there are any questions!!

paint colours are nude and atmosphere from behr.
never stop exploring print was a collab with justine ma.
custom illustration by kate klassen.

thanks for your patience — next up in the queue of fun things to share are christmas, a few birthday parties, and a couple of new shops that i am loving this year!

for indoors we had a little strongman, and a lion tamer with her trusty lion. planet oscar wasn’t too keen on his trick-or-treating costume until we actually started walking around and then he didn’t want to go home. the shooting star and rocketship were stoked from the get go and even played a role in designing their costumes this year. this just gets more and more fun each year. (although next year i really should attempt to get started a little sooner so i can take photos on a day prior to halloween!) hope you all had a safe and sweet holiday!

next month lila is turning SEVEN (what?!). probably time i share last year’s party before it’s time to throw this year’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

quick highlights: the girls decorated sugar cookies and individual letter canvases from michael’s , played pass the parcel and twister, and LOVED the confetti toss!! make a wish balloons were from confetti sparkle, the confetti print that inspired the whole party is by bianca cash, the wall confetti is just cardstock we punched out and stuck to the wall with double sided tape (thanks to christine for spending the night before the party drinking bubbly and helping hang it with me!). any other questions, ask away!

i recently alluded to a little something special that my lovely friend christine and i have been working on, and i’m so excited to finally chat about it a bit here!

earlier this month we hosted our inaugural made social — a modern craft workshop that is equal parts fun night out with the girls, excuse to get a bit crafty, confetti photobooth, yummy snacks and a whole lot more. after frequent crafting adventures over the past few years for various parties for our children, holidays, business launches, etc., christine and i came to the conclusion that it’s so much more fun to do these things together than it is to do it all alone, and maybe there are other people out there who would feel the same way. that little idea grew into what you see below — a modern craft party, if you will, each one individually styled to reflect a specific season, or holiday, or event. (we’re excited to offer private parties — birthdays, showers, bachelorette parties, no-reason-at-all-parties as well as ticketed events open to the public).


we really couldn’t be more pleased with how well the evening turned out, and how supportive the community of women who attended were of our little venture. (thank you to amanda, diana, erinn, holly, jenna, jenna, justine, kassandra, kassey, kelsy, linda, and stephanie for giving up an evening to share in our launch!)

we were also lucky enough to work with the following amazing local businesses for this first workshopshop: carousel paper & co., confetti sweets, contessa french macarons, fabloomosity, i love the moon, justine ma, plum home and design, pura botanicals, the project loft and uppercase press. and we can’t wait to work with many of them again, and introduce you to a whole bunch more, with our future events!

which brings me to some exciting news — registration for our fall workshop, to be held on saturday, october 24th, opens THIS evening (monday, september 28) at 8:30pm. the link will be posted on our instagram account at 8:30 sharp and i have a feeling spots will fill quite quickly, so be there to get in on the fun!

thanks so much for all of your support!

my good friend christine and i (and all five kiddos!) were lucky enough to spend a morning in the studio with local talent uppercase press collaborating for a brand new venture we have in the works. you’ll be hearing much more about MAKESHOP. the social co. in the coming days but for now, head over to our brand new instagram account to enter to win one of these letterpressed but first, confetti prints!

i shared an afternoon of backyard painting on the picture taker blog today! i think this is the most fun we’ve had in the backyard yet this summer (even the brush, fence and body hose-offs once we’d finished up were a blast for the kiddos!) so if you don’t mind a few splatter marks here and there, i’d definitely recommend this for a good hour of fun!
happy painting ๐Ÿ™‚