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we spent a may weekend at a yurt in pigeon lake provincial park — i didn’t take many photos of the actual yurt as we were too busy out exploring, but it was a fantastic experience and would definitely be a great intro trip for anyone who wants to give camping a try but isn’t quite ready to pitch a tent. the kids especially loved the giant bunk bed, the beach and playground, and of course, the campground ice cream shoppe!


ps. i’ve been waiting to share this so it would coincide with some info from my pal kelsy who has just launched an awesome kids’ travel blog — go check out her post for a ton of info about their yurting adventure and exploring with little ones!

and our third annual anniversary portrait taken by miss li — this might just be my favourite family tradition!

also, i’m fairly certain it goes without saying, but i am so happy to have married this guy. we make an awesome team.

alternate title: the easter that i realized i had yet to post about christmas.

i could have just left it alone, but easter was so uncrafty this year, being on the road the whole week prior, that i was feeling the need to share something holiday-y. so here we are, a little bit of christmas in the springtime!

(none of these things will be available at the moment, given the season, but i thought i’d list the sources anyway. painted canvases: made by lila and i, trees: anthropologie, merry christmas garland: the land of nod, deer mount: la maison simons, glass ornaments: justine ma designs)

so, last night i was speaking with a friend about the launch and lamented, “what if nobody enters my contest?”

well, i’ve said it here and here and here, and now i’m going to say it here too.

today has been amazing. thank you. i honestly have no more words.

just thank you.

that and, i feel about as happy as this guy looks.