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lila picked out a succulent and a pretty pink pot, we fancied it up with some thank you flags made from wooden skewers, paper straws and card stock, and included a gift card to our favourite bookstore — the perfect send off to an amazing teacher.

(if you happen to see this post, i hope you know how much we appreciate you and all that you’ve done for lila this year. she has grown so much over the past ten months (see the evidence here) and came home from school every single day excited about what she was learning. we couldn’t have wished for a better kindergarten experience for her. thank you.)

my momโ€™s name is: andrea

she is 30 years old

her favourite colour is: pink

my momโ€™s job is: photography

she is good at: crafts

my mom’s favourite drink is lemonade and her favourite thing to eat is the wheat group, like lasagna, bread…

the best thing my mom cooks is: cake

my mom looks like: my mom

my favourite thing to do with my mom is: i like to do so many things that i can’t think of just one. bake?

my mom always says: i love you

my mom loves: me

on sunday i celebrated thirty with snuggles from my four (!) favourite people in the world, breakfast in bed, a long nap, homemade treats, visits from friends, take out sushi, my favourite lemon meringue cake, the cutest birthday cards i’ve ever received, fresh snow and, in the interest of keeping things honest, a few tears (not over the milestone — i think it’s a good one — but just general three days post partum tears). it was an incredibly special day. can’t wait to see what adventures this next decade will bring!

between all of the congratulations on oscar’s arrival and the birthday wishes over the last couple of days, we are definitely feeling the love around these parts. thank you for being here ๐Ÿ™‚

i spent saturday evening surrounded by some of my very favourite people, celebrating my upcoming birthday — because baby is due to arrive the day before i turn thirty (!), we thought it safest to get together a couple of weeks early — with splatter paint and awesome food. i’m so very thankful to have these ladies in my life, and so excited to see our group canvas all stretched and up on the wall ๐Ÿ™‚

lila and i got started on our holiday decorating a little earlier than usual, so i thought i’d share our little creation in case anyone else wants to get up to some easter crafting this weekend!

the super simple steps:

1. create an egg shape with washi tape on a canvas (or paper!)
2. using the tape, divide the egg up into geometric sections
3. paint over the edges with white just in case any paint happens to sneak under the lines
4. paint your sections in whichever colours you like (we’re doing a neon theme this year!)
5. wait for the paint to dry and remove tape! (it took us a few coats of each colour)

happy crafting!