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i don’t think i could have chosen a better race (or group of ladies) for my first 5k — this morning was crazy amounts of fun. (and despite their disinterest in all of the people and noise, it was pretty awesome to see my favourite little people at the finish line.)

what started out as lila taking a quick photo of mommy and cole, turned into her running back and forth between the bed and tripod a few dozen times. i’m not complaining ๐Ÿ™‚

i’ve been searching, since yesterday, for the right words to (even begin to) express myself in light of the tragedy in connecticut…… i can’t find them.

and so, i’ll just say this. we are holding our babies extra tight this weekend, and our hearts and thoughts are with those families in newtown who no longer have the opportunity to do the same. love to all.

first train ride for cole and alice, grilled cheese (with mac ‘n cheese and pulled pork) sandwich and a ton of other delicious concoctions, dancing in the rain, waterlogged ladies, more rain, and done. we all got soaked, and it was so worth it. yum.