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we celebrated six with sharks of all sorts and hundreds of balloon ‘bubbles’. cole picked all of the activities — “let’s make a shark craft out of paper plates!” — and helped with the menu — “please make blood drip down the cake” — and was thoroughly pleased the whole afternoon through. we hung the bubbles the night before the party and woke to all of them tangled all over the floor, so i might suggest something other than scotch tape on a popcorn ceiling if anyone wants to recreate the idea, haha. (this also explains why there are only a handful of photos; we finished setting up approximately thirty seconds before guests began to arrive.) overall, the perfect afternoon for this shark loving dude!

today we celebrated one of my favourite people in the whole wide world. we had pink sprinkled pancakes for breakfast, and cheeseburgers for lunch AND dinner. we read books and had a dance party in the living room and a snowball fight in the backyard. we talked about the day she was born, the eight birthdays that have come before this one, and so many days in between.

i feel so lucky to be your momma and to get to watch you grow and learn every day lila claire. i love your silliness and the way your brain works and how you’re not embarrassed of me yet even though some days you probably should be. i love that on any given day you’re equally likely to be found playing with dolls, coding robots or climbing trees, with your nose tucked in a book every spare minute in between. thanks for making me a mom, for being the guinea pig child and for inspiring me every day. i love you, for like ever. happy birthday 💕

it’s hard to not let your heart explode when the girl requests a craft birthday party and you throw craft parties for a living. lila and i had such a blast planning the decor and crafts (and snacks, and colours, and flowers) for her made social party last month. complete with all things blush and gold, lights strung across the living room, blooms from our favourite florist fabloomosity, it was the perfect evening with all of her best pals. they made yarn wall hangings and each got a custom name kit to stitch, played party games, and ate a zillion sweets. pretty much a nine year girl’s [and maybe her mama’s too] dream come true.