this boy. i remember so vividly the first time he was placed on my chest and yet somehow, today we celebrated his sixth trip around the sun.

cole, you are a wonder.

i love that you cry happy tears, and that you’re the perfect mix of rough and tumble and snuggly and sweet, a quiet independent player one minute and an explosion of awesome chaos the next.

you make people work hard to gain your trust (though thankfully in the past couple of years you’ve stopped growling at everyone you don’t know) but those who make it past your tough shell are loved so fiercely and loyally.

i love you to the moon and the stars and the farthest planet. and back. i feel so lucky to be in your mama. happy birthday my boy.

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we celebrated six with sharks of all sorts and hundreds of balloon ‘bubbles’. cole picked all of the activities — “let’s make a shark craft out of paper plates!” — and helped with the menu — “please make blood drip down the cake” — and was thoroughly pleased the whole afternoon through. we hung the bubbles the night before the party and woke to all of them tangled all over the floor, so i might suggest something other than scotch tape on a popcorn ceiling if anyone wants to recreate the idea, haha. (this also explains why there are only a handful of photos; we finished setting up approximately thirty seconds before guests began to arrive.) overall, the perfect afternoon for this shark loving dude!

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