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in pictures . hot tubbing

i’m not sure these two images could feel any more differently. i love them both.View full post »

in pictures . hot tub ready

after a ten hour travel day, i don’t blame her.View full post »

on repeat . sheets

damien jurado a friend shared this on facebook last night and i listened to it at least a dozen times. i think thatView full post »

in pictures . yellow square

david a. carter’s pop up books are ridiculously awesome. although, at least in our house, the ‘forView full post »

in pictures . first haircut

thanks stacie!! such a fun day 🙂View full post »

get dressed . hello, i adore you

buy a cute shirt. support a good cause. i meant to post this on monday when the sale began, but the week got away fromView full post »

in pictures . two

imperfect, but i don’t get many of the two of them together, so i’ll take it 🙂View full post »