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instead of monthly films for july and august, i’ve split all of our summer footage into three. this is the first — camping with some of our favourite people in garner lake and writing on stone provincial parks.

sun and rain and fun and love.

this is camping in hankiland.

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june was a total blur but we managed to make this happen — we’ve made it halfway through of our 2019 films, yay!

from spring snow storms to celebrating birthdays to splashing in the backyard pool, this past month included a little bit of everything. may was a good one.

this month’s film provides several examples of what happens when it is thirty below for most of the month — shenanigans ensue.

i think we’ll be laughing at this one for years and years to come ❤️

the spring was a little chaotic around these parts and with next to no daily filming fitting into our month, i contemplated not making a may video at all; but then i figured down the road i’d regret no film far more than i’d regret a short and imperfect one, and so, this was may in hankiland ❤️


black storm clouds loomed in the distance, light rain fell from the sky and crazy winds kept knocking down my little box city, but i was determined that oscar’s first birthday be the backyard party i had envisioned from the start. the crazy weather combined with a wee case of procrastination-itis kept most of my more ambitious ideas from coming to fruition, but in the end, the sun came out, the birthday boy had a great time, and we were surrounded by so much love and laughter that “what was” was just as special as “what could have been”. huge thanks to everyone who joined us, and especially to our friend rob for surprising us with this amazing video of the festivities (seriously! his tiny camera is so inconspicuous that i thought he was just snapping a few photos) and more than making up for the fact that i hardly picked up my camera all day.