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a sand castle, a beach ball and a flamingo pool floatie walk into a bar…
starting its life as a shipping container, this particular cardboard box has been reimagined as a robot ballerina, a space man, and finally, a sandcastle. the beach ball began as a newspaper, and later became a planet before transforming into a colourful ball (the scarlet stripe front and center for our red loving boy). materials for the floatie include a slice of a cardboard construction tube, scrunched up kraft paper, the stuffing from two old pillows, two pairs of old tights, scrap fabric, three cans of pink spray paint and a whole lot of mod podge — essentially whatever we had on hand! it was a good halloween.

our backyard is seeing a lot more of us this summer, thanks largely in part to our new springfree trampoline.

we are always looking for ways to get our kids spending more time outdoors being active, so when we were presented with the opportunity to try out a springfree trampoline this summer, we jumped (😆) on it!


truth be told, i’ve always been a bit nervous about trampolines and for years i’ve been hesitant to put one in my yard despite the kids begging for one for as long as i can remember. thankfully, my childhood memories of getting pinched by open springs and being bounced off the side, are far from the reality of modern springfree trampolines.

with flexible rods located underneath the jumping mat, instead of the traditional ‘springs around the edges’ design, and the safety net around the perimeter, there’s far less risk of anyone getting hurt while bouncing, which definitely has eased my mind while the kids (and let’s be honest, the parents too!) spend hours outside.


throughout the summer, our trailer is parked on our driveway out front and the kids have really missed having a chalk canvas the last couple years so they are pretty excited they can now draw on the trampoline instead!


we’ve had a lot of hot afternoons (and mornings. and evenings.) this summer and one of the kids new favourite things to do is put the sprinkler underneath the trampoline and bounce around in the water. even better, just add water balloons. bonus: the sprinkler quickly washes away any left over chalk residue!

i really cannot rave enough about what an awesome addition our springfree trampoline has been to our backyard this summer. the kids are spending way more time outside than they used to and i’m hearing was less of the “i’m bored” i’m accustomed to hearing. overall, it’s a win win around here!

for anyone in the edmonton area, the springfree pop up shop and test jump trampoline at west edmonton mall are only open for another week or so, so i’d highly recommend heading over there for a bounce and to see if a springfree trampoline is a good fit for your family!




while we did partner with springfree trampoline for this blog post, all thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own!

me: “not everything in life is a competition cole.”

cole: “didn’t know there is something called the human race?”

me: “…”


bundled up in sleeping bags to brave thirty below temperatures to watch the fireworks and kept the kids up way too late. it was perfect. happy new year friends ✨