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lots of changes happening in the hanki house these days and while this certainly isn’t going to become an interior design blog, based on the interest on instagram, i figured i may as well share here too!

fresh paint and the small table used as seating really open up our main entry and make it far more functional that the previous console table which typically just acting as a dumping ground for stuff when we walked through the door. next on the list — a small utility closet and our laundry room are becoming a much needed mudroom!


confession time: approximately 36 weeks ago, oscar moved out of the nursery and my desk moved in. i had big plans for an awesome workspace, but instead the room became a dumping ground for everything in the house without a home. two weeks ago when winter break began, it looked like something off of an episode of hoarders — no carpet to be seen, piles of “stuff” everywhere. i’ve been slowly tackling the organization during nap times and after bedtime and am already so much happier to sit down at my desk. i have such a good feeling about this year.