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lila has recently been asking for a bunk bed in her room. even though it will likely be a while before she ends up with one (and by then she may want something else completely) i can’t help but fall in love with a bunch of the awesome designs i’ve been finding. falling in love with some of the price tags has been a little more difficult, but that’s a whole nother story…

1. perch . 2. uffizi . 3. wave 2 . 4. pluunk . 5. austin . 6. duet . 7. amber in the sky

anyone out there have recommendations for any other awesome — but perhaps a little more affordable — bunks? and any input on what age might be best for bunk beds?

a few favourites from our holiday.

1. dollhouse . hands down favourite of the holiday for miss li
2. crocodile pull toy . it’s going to be a while, but i think he’s going to like it 😉
3. snow bricker . for building epic snow forts… if the snow ever arrives this winter
4. milk frother . our hot chocolate has never tasted so good
5. his and hers tiny toms . cute, comfy and for a good cause

santa was good to us this year 🙂